Sunday, July 22, 2007

You look good when you wear it well

Driving never ceases to depress me

I saw the new plans for the sitra junction and while they look good on paper (I would have rendered them differently, of course) the sight of huge mountains of sand filling in more of the Tubli Bay and basically connecting Nabih Saleh to land was enough to bring me to tears. Only for a little bit mind you, as I quickly raised the windows and pretended to remove the dust from my eyes.

It was one of my favorite drives in Bahrain, especially during the migratory season when the shallow water was dotted with flamingos sifting through the silt with upsidedown shakes of their beaks. Sure, they were grey and it was stinky, but it was one of the most romantic scenes of island life I could ever describe or imagine.

Soundtrack to all of this: Felixdahousecat's Ready to Wear...for that 80's top of the pops nostaligia


Hasan said...

Ah.. I'll miss those flamingos, too. :(

Ammar456 said...

I love driving by there, either very early in the morning (ie, sunrise) or around sunset... well, i used to anyway until they managed to destroy it. its not like we have many waterfront drives anyway

Bahraini Rants said...

felix da housecat - that's just total srickness..

someone once told me that flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp.. she then called me a 80s all girl pop band and ran off.. silly wabbit..

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

UPDATE: I was visiting a friend in Nabih Saleh soonafter and am happy to report that there were (6-8) flamingos wading just behind the huge mountain of sand...they are still there, we just can't see them...

here's to more flamingos, more waterfront drives and more 80s all girl pop bands

oh, and the shrimp thing checks out, I guess our crustaceans are just not gay like that/ a bit too grey like that said...

its getting worse by the day. i was driving by there and i couldnt see the sun

(ahem, exaggeration)