Tuesday, April 24, 2007

here's a real blast from the past

Does anyone else remember this? I can't stop singing the theme song...nor can I work out why this was only popular in Bahrain and Brazil?


Anonymous said...

Goddamn! Its up! I hope there a lot of people singing SPECTREMAN!!!!

Mo said...

"We will never know the source of his power and his force". Well thought out! Jeez, this is some real high quality tv programming!

Nostalgia is a powerful mofo. Hurrah for technological progress.

Um Naief said...

ok... lemme ask you... is this a man/robot type of thing that came from outer space or some such? there's an old show that i used to watch and i don't remember the name and since i can't watch your video, and since he looks like what i remember... well... it's killing me.

it was great... but i'm wondering if it was japanese or something. i don't know.

Um Naief said...

yeah, yeah... i just googled it and IT IS!!!! oh wow... i LOVED this show. thanks for bringing it back to me!!

too bad it's not on in reruns!

btw, i used to watch it in the States.

Um Naief said...

actually, after showing the hubby and him showing me another site, i actually used to watch Ultraman.

but thanks for the memories!! :)