Monday, February 12, 2007

Hands Across Bahrain

The fearsome Sir Gayax is in town, as some of you have no doubt discovered. His carousing remains true to legend as is his argumentative nature. There were, in between
the wild bouts of drinking and overloud discussions, moments of quiet contemplation that displayed the other side of the beast. This was one of those moments...

- Dude, you guys have a really tiny island

- Yeah

- You could easily get around it in a day. Do you think you could walk it in a day?

- Dunno, sounds tiring (no points for spotting the bahraini)

- You could do it in a relay and break it up into sections.

- Umm, there are a few relay races already and this would be longest one.

- Dude, it's not that long, you could break it into lots of little sections

- Dunno dude, sounds like a lot of coordinartion and effort

- Well, you've got enough people that you could just have them stand next to each other and pass the baton....wait a minute....they don't have to pass anything...they can just stand around and chat or have tea....and we call it...Hands Across Bahrain!

Therein ensues a flurry of calculations to work out how we could do it and raft of ideas of what to do with it. There would be open air concerts, shows and all sorts of activities. You could reach out across the various communities as the chain reaches through the various villages and across towns new and old and out towards the other islands like muharraq, sitra and nabih saleh bringing together all bahraini's in an act of national unity. You could serve refreshments and have tents for women and the elderly and games of the kids.

It could be a great thing...

All those interested in corporate sponsership are invited to contact us via email.


Bahraini Rants said...

why don't you tell the truth on how "hands across bahrain" really came to be?

still think it's a great idea.. worth mentioning on de blog as well

Mo said...

Fantastic! I propose starting the chain right outside my house.. I don't want to go too far, now..

Who gets shafted with the southern, desert-ish part of the island I wonder?