Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ended with a Bleat

Traditionally, Eid is celebrated with the slaughter of a few sheep, but we got a hell of a lot more than we bargained for this year.

Saddam Hussein was executed this morning at 6 am, bringing to an end a life that brought
misery, suffering and death to millions of people. Regardless of how it was this came about, it is justice and probably much more humane than what he did to his own people. I have always held that he should just be left out in Bab El Sharjee and let the people deal with him. I would have given him about 20-30 seconds before they tore him into shreds. Let's not forget that the traditional send off for Iraqi dictators is to be dragged through the streets for everyone to see.

I am not a violent person by nature, but I remember a book given to me by my Iraqi father-in-law titled "The History of Violent Struggle in Iraq" which begins with the words, "Over five thousand years ago..." which is only to say that this has been going on for a very long time. Saddam's hanging is just the latest chapter in this story. We can only hope that it is nearing the end.

A quick thought for Giacinto Facchetti and James Brown who we also lost this year....


GK said...

Great comment and astute observation on the history of Iraq. Since the country was formed after WWII has a single Iraqi leader died peacefully in bed? I think every leader starting with the last king came to a gruesome end. That said really glad you took the time to comment on the execution. Coming from Kuwait I thought I would be far more excited about this day. However, the game for him was up the minute the tanks rolled into Iraq. It would of been so much better if he had been killed by a bomb or a commando team. This execution was much like putting down a rabid dog. It was a pathetic end to a horrible life. In the end we are better off without Hussein. However, did it have to come at such a tragic and exorbitant price?

Seroo said...

I was shocked when I first heard the headlines: "BREAKING NEWS: SADDAM EXECUTED" I fumbled to the closest chair to the large screen in the complex I was in and sat dumbfounded as I watched the BBC report of Saddam's death. The tears followed shortly, for unknown reasons that could only be explained as being overwhelmed.

I remember as a child amending old Arabic riddles to include Saddam as at the most evil and feared Tyran there was: that's who he was and it saddens me to see the loss of such a strong and contreversial figure in the ME. I immediately called a friend who confirmed that "this is all a lie" - typical reaction to news revolving around conspiracy theories and tyrants. Perhaps this is what it's all about, the ME will always revolve around conspiracy theories, tyrants and leaving behind messes so big that everyone can roll around in them. Perhaps that's the way it should be, as you said, that this is the history of Iraq and will continue to be the way of the land: tragic and brutal, always violent. Who knows.

Pass the book on when you're done.

Seroo said...

I am requesting a picture of the little 'un in her blue & black striped jersey. pronto!