Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Uncle Massimo

As if the corruption of governments and corporations were not enough...

For too long, sufferring Inter fans have had to live in the ignominy of being almost-rans and runners-up while other clubs have gone from strength to strength. We screamed bloody murder at a long series of bad refereeing, horrible transfers and bum luck while everyone around us snickered. Well, guess who is now above snickering?

With the Moggiopoli scandal now put to bed, we can all calm down and re-visit the events of the past few years...starting with the penalty that was and the penalty that wasn't in the games against Juve in '98 all the way to the infamy of May 5th. But what really grinds my gears is that the juve-scum still have the gall to say that they had won the scudetto on the pitch...Sure you did, you and the referee's and the FIGC and the rest of your corrupt cabal...if you want to call that winning, when in fact it is called cheating...How people can be so obtuse in the face of insurmountable evidence is just further evidence of the insanity of the situation...and now, everyone from nedved to blasi are saying that thje title should not have been given to Inter...well, who should it go to? Shall we just leave it unawarded - WTF are we playing for here, anyway? For God's sake, what are we teaching our children?

Not to award the scudetto from last season to Inter would imply that all of serie A was corrupt and therefore no one is worthy of the title, which is simply not true. Why should everyone who was honest be punished for the actions of the dishonest? If this is the case, then there is no reason to watch italian football at all. They need clubs like Inter to prove that not everyone is a cheating, lying thug and to bring the sport back to basics. The top placed team that played by the rules should be awarded the scudetto, end of story, moot point, fait acompli, What-Ever

The Inter website only has a single post composed of a few lines that they were awarded the scudetto and a picture of Massimo Moratti, the smile on his face nowhere near what I have seen after a win. When Burlesconi - a totally reprehensible mand - says that the scudetto was no more than a lifetime achievment award for Moratti, I say that there is no one more deserving. This man has pumped over $500 million of his own money into the club and sufferred as a true fan only to discover that people were cheating all along? And then to have the grace not to get involved in the ensuing shit slinging when you have the biggest bucket? That, for me, defines class.

As an Inter fan, I am extremely happy about the scudetto but extremely sad about the circumstances under which it was awarded. I still feel that we have been robbed of other titles, but I take my lead from uncle massimo. Anyway, it would be too disruptive to dig up the past when we should be looking to the future. Either way, I feel that we deserved the title and am very much looking to the new jersey with the scudetto and the cup.

Io Sono Interisti


Bahraini Rants said...

being a serie a slut and one constantly flirting with the seven sisters, i understand where you're coming from..

I have my own theories of how inter manage to sell their best players (massimo is a drunk and has a gambling problem that was exploited by moggi, galliani, and everyone else)..

congratulations on your scudetto, lets hope they can win it this season.. it would be nice to see mancio win a cup..

Mo said...

Patrick Vieira, eh?

Not bad, not bad.. seems like another scudetto might just be floating your way (yours to lose, of course)..

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

Viera, oo-oh
Viera, oo-oo-oo-oh
he comes from senegal
he plays for internazionale

lose? coming into our centenary year? having taken care of all those cheating bastards? no, my friend, I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

unt now, mit de addishun uf de Zlatanator...