Saturday, July 29, 2006

Crouching Fatman, Hidden Wasp

It's the weekend and my family are away, so I pottered down to the 'gym' for my fatman's workout (a little posturing on the beach, then hit the hammam for an hour). I get there around 8 am, find a nice spot under the palm trees and settle into my routine.

It was a lovely morning with a cooling breeze coming in off the water and the incoming tide providing a visual backdrop to time my tai chi to - fantastic. About halfway through (as I was coming into brush knee twist step) I stepped out and felt a piercing pain in one of my toes. I fell down immediately (pain, movement, balance and what-not) grabbing my toes and looking for what I stepped on. There was a little pinprick of blood on my toe and I didn't understand how such a small wound could hurt so much until I saw a black wasp lying on the grass a few feet away. It was on its back, obviously damaged, but its stinger was still vigorously pumping in and out of its bottom. It was staring at me.

I sat there, gripping my toe and stared back at my assailant for what seemed like a few minutes until I heard a buzzing noise. I jumped up to find another wasp flying out from underneath me at which point I decided to give up on the nice grassy knoll since it seemed to be inhabited by burrowing wasps and went for a swim in the sea. The saltwater did the trick and I went about the rest of my day.

Until this morning when I woke up, swung myself over the side of the bed and plopped my feet down. The soles of both my feet are swollen and itchy. I am fine, but cannot wear shoes or socks and have to scratch my feet every few minutes.

I am not sure how I feel about my efforts to commune with my surrounding environment resulting in getting attacked, but then again, I suppose I did step on his house. I therefore decided to absolve the wasp for his role and place the blame on squarely on the Ritz - who in typical American imperialist fashion, decided to replace the grass on the lawns to fit with their own franchised look, and which -duhhh- does not work here. Hmmm, there are a few parallels here to pick on....

Anyone who has an idea on what this insect was and what I can do about my feet, please help...


Ms Dee said...

Hi Bike Shed

I suggest you visit your local pharmacy. Certain ointments will help with the itchiness (and/or swelling).

Also, if you notice excessive swelling, then I recommend you visit your local dermatologist to ascertain whether it is infected.

My best wishes to you and your toe.

PS How about boycotting the Ritz from now on?

Seroo said...

Methinks you were bit by the Ancient Chinese Cicada Insect and now you are immortal.

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

Thank you for your concern. I took anti-histamines and rubbed Gold Bond on the sting.

I will say that my form has improved after the sting, but he didn't look Chinese. More waspish.