Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bigger the One

In keeping with the recent trend of guest posts, please find this latest offering from Marcus Abacus for your reading pleasure...

to us the morning mist, dew, brazen sun
to us the turning sun, morning new,
by turns, times firm or full of flight,
times gaze full of fright,
yet the eye i fear never knew my whispering whimpering nights,
get it for the getting while the getting's good,
the timid reverse courses displayed to all,
to all they are animal rights.

one day the mind gives song,
the song fills pages some, and is presented
to the sure and unsure alike.
i shall read a book and come back despite.

dec 08


Anonymous said...

dear Mr. Shed,

what is exactly is this drivel about, there is a time and place for this high falutin. Really now.. ur bikeshed is leaking

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

dear Mr/Ms Mous,

i apologise if said drivel went above your low falutin head. as satchmo once said when asked what mojo was, "if ya don't get it, you never will and there ain't nuthin i can do to change that".

truth be told, the shed has been in dire need of some repairs for quite some time now and not just the roof...will have to do something about it soon before the whole thing comes down in a heap of rubble...

Anonymous said...

the stanzas posted are some of the most compelling i have read in a while...i think its better than most stuff posted on this blog...amusingly annoying in some of its earlier days...

Paulo McManus said...

Seems like a work of a poet. But hoe come that there is no post related to bike sheds at all?