Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Could you please pass the Hommous??!!

The Lebanese/Israeli conflict has now spread to chickpeas.
In the tradition of taking things that don’t belong to you, the Israelis have been attaching their name to hommous for a while now and the Lebanese aren't having any more of it and rightly so.
Following in the footsteps of only the French having the right to use the word 'Champagne' (including other regions of France that produce sparkling wine), and the European court ruling that 'Feta' belongs to the Greeks and no one else, the Lebanese have a valid argument and should go to court over the national identity of hommous. Funny as this sounds, if the Lebanese do win, the by-product of this disagreement could be an intelligent and non aggressive way, on a global level, of refuting yet another encroachment on the part of their neighbours.
Go Lebanon!

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Notes from behind the bike shed said... blog has been taken over by BadArt!

SoulSearch said...

Its pathetic how these a**holes want to take over everything. I guess when you invite people from all backalleys of the world and stuff them all on a piece of stolen land, that's the kind of low-life things that will happen. Inevitable & not surprising. As a Lebanese, I think we definitely need to defend the national identity of hummous. Add to that the identity of Falafil, they claim that as their own as well...