Thursday, August 02, 2007

all taped up

This past week of my life has been dominated entirely by the not-so-smart card.

This whole thing started on Sunday because of an issue with a visa I had applied for, I was required to get a smart card issued to solve the problem. So I left the Immigrations directorate and made an appointment at Central Informatics, arrived on time as was promptly made to wait for an hour. Once my number came up, I got to the desk and was told I needed to get something added to my electricity bill and return, so off to the Municipality I go. I came back to be told that I needed to have all documents for my entire family with me in order to affect the change, so I tried to explain that this was simply not possible since my newborn was only 2 weeks old and because of issues with translation, I still did not have a birth certificate issued, let alone a passport. Never mind that, there was another bigger issue with my Commercial Registration which needed to be resolved. So I was bounced around in the Ministry of Commerce and made to go through a series of paperwork gymnastics to satisfy their various requirements (of course, there where more than one). As of today (one entire working week), I am still waiting for them to clear the note on the system that would allow me to have my smart card issued.

I have not decided whether the system is silly or if it just works a bit too well and will reserve judgment until it actually gets resolved. And what was the change that I wanted to have reflected in my information that caused this entire not-so-merry-go-round, you ask? I wanted to change my address to the current house I am actually living in.


Ammar456 said...

HAH! smart card? youre not the only one with difficulties... i wrote about my "experiences" with getting one a few weeks ago, check my blog

Um Naief said...

i hate the red tape in this country.

american embassy gave me hassles as well. i had to go beyond a shadow of a doubt to prove i was an american.... even w/ passport and birth certificate.

why don't you have a passport? how do you travel?

i also don't get why they make ppl wait so long to be given service. makes me want to snap my fingers and say, "get to work ppl!!"

Mo said...

nothing gets the blood flowing like a bit of beaurocratic gymnastics, eh?

SoulSearch said...

what's up with the smart card? wasn't it supposed to clear all bureacratic bs?