Friday, May 12, 2006

Has anyone else seen this?

Browsing through the on-board entertainment menu on a flight back from Dubai, I settled on Morgan Spurlock's new show '30 Days' in which he and his girlfriend try to live at the minimum wage for said time period. Anyway,

Halfway through, while I was helping my 3 year old daughter with some colouring, Morgan was interviewing an older Hispanic gentlemen in a hospital who was wearing a black t-shirt and written on it in white arabic script was the word 'Al Bahrain'.

I have not been able to get to see the documentary since and wanted to know if anyone else can confirm my casual glance

just out of curiosity


Anonymous said...

are you insinuating that there is some sort of a connection between Bahrain and minimum wage?

nasser said...

The question I would like to aske to who ever in chrage of the miss in bahrain is; do they know what are they going to reap?
I was in hong kong lately when I was stopped by a young lady who asked few questions about how i felt about hong kong. One of the questions was; how would i see hong kong develope in 5 years!

Not suprised because they are series about developing thier country. Compartively, in bahrain we are facing who are working hard to bring this country to it knees. for what, i do not have an answer.